What’s my Full Text Index Size??

Posted by Sumeet on Oct 24, 2007 in Documentum |

The attached fixml sizing program can be used to estimate the size of a Fulltext Index. Please only use this program in conjunction with the Sizing Documentum 5.3 Full Text white paper available on Powerlink.

Step #1: Suspend FAST indexing

rtsadmin localhost 16099 webcluster 0 0 suspendindexing

Step #2: Suspend the fixml defragmentation process

where indexhost is the name of the index server host.

Step #3: Run analysis scripts

cobra DCTMAnalyze.py -f fixml_file_path > outputfile

Step #4: Resume the defragmentation process


Step #5: resume indexing

tsadmin localhost 16099 webcluster 0 0 resumeindexing

Attached File: scripts.zip

Source: http://solutions.emc.com/nsepn/webapps/stqv768481dmts46655278/emcsolutionview.asp?id=esg81605



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