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Posted by Sumeet on Sep 25, 2007 in Documentum |

Hey guys, first of all… Moving a Docbase is different from Copying a Docbase.. when you move a Docbase, you need to keep the repository/docbase name, ID and owner the same. Now dm_developer site covers most of the procedure..

Following are the steps you need to cover to complete the process..

1. Connect as target repository owner and verify that the target database tables have the correct value for the target system host by checking the following :

select r_host_name from dm_server_config_s
select host_name from dm_mount_point_s
select target_server from dm_job_s
select projection_targets from dm_server_config_r
select web_server_loc from dm_server_config_s

update the values accordingly.

2. Run the following SQL on the target DB to rebuild the Documentum views :

update dm_type_s set views_valid=0

3. Copy the content file backup from the source repository(taken to the file system of the target repository.

eg: \Documentum\data\<repository name>

4. Verify that server.ini file on target content server machine has the following key set to true under SERVER_STARTUP section:


5. Shutdown the repository on the target content server ( i.e stop the cloned repository on the target content server)

6. Copy the AEK file from source content server to the target content server:

Path: $DOCUMENTUM\dba\secureaek.key

7. Take a back-up of the dbpasswd.txt file for each of the repositories on the target content server.
Path: $DOCUMENTUM\dba\config\<repository name>

8. Re-encrypt the dbpasswd.txt file for each of the repository on target as follows:
Execute the following command from the following location on target content server machine through command prompt.

dm_encrypt_password -docbase <repository name> -rdbms -encrypt <database password>

The following should be checked:
a) The target(cloned) repository should be made on a different content server machine than the source repository
b) The target(cloned) Docbase name should be the same as that of the source repository
c) The target(cloned) DocBase ID should be the same as that of the source repository
d) The target(cloned) DocBase owner ( i.e. database owner) should be the same as that of the source repository
e) The target(cloned) DocBase Installation Owner should be the same as that of the source repository
f) The Database instance used by the target (cloned) repository should be different from the Database instance used by source repository.
g) The target (cloned) repository should be made on a content server installation version same as that of the source repository.
h) The target (cloned) repository should project to a DocBroker different from the DocBroker used by the source repository.
i) The Database owner name/password for the existing repository on the target content server machine must be known.


Aug 20, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Hi Sumeet
I’m creating a clone environment of Documentum 5.3 Application. Above steps are enough for creating clone setup or anything else required. I read a blog for clone setup of Documentum 5.3 Application and link is

Production Application is running on 2 solaris boxes which are in Active-Passive mode and having a common Repository on NAS. And Clone setup is on one solaris setup.
I have installed the Documentum softwares(WP,DA) on Target and Webpublisher,Administrator, are running over the tomcat.Also I have created docbase/docbroker with user,group same as production.
Also Blog saying that transfer below files from production to Target
checkpass.cfg and dm_check_audit_pws. But production does not having thease files on $Documentum/dba/config/docbasename/ location.
Is it mandatory or not?

So what ponits should take care for creating clone setup?.

Please reply I’m waiting.

Juan Cristobal
Feb 8, 2010 at 3:48 am

after doing this process of clonning, records (in the target) will keep the r_object_ids from the host??? becouse my applications need the original r_object_id to work correctly.




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