EMC/Enterprise Search Server (ESS)

Posted by Sumeet on Jun 17, 2009 in Documentum |

I’m extremely anxious to see ESS in action.  However, ESS is expected to make its debut early next year (beta testing is expected to start towards the end of 2009). It is built upon xDB with Apache Lucene as the underlying indices.

ESS will have the ability to scale both vertically and horizontally. That’s a big plus.  Single-node and multi-node installation will be supported out of the box! According to EMC, you can deploy 2 nodes in less than 20  mins.

With great power comes great administration! New admin framework,admin console, new admin processes for monitoring, auditing and reporting on each node. (System Snapshot, Diagnostic Console, Single & Multinode configuration, Data Management, Reporting, etc)

Enhancements in search results like sorting them based on relevance, number of hits on the document, etc. ESS would enable both structured and unstructured search and it supports VMware & NAS! Other features include Advance Data Management (control placement of data on disk)

ESS has the ability to backup and restore at the sub-index level and supports multiple options for HA. Unlike FAST, that only supports Active/Active HA with duplicate systems and data, ESS will support :
– Active/Active shared data
– Active/Passive with clusters
– n+1 server based

By the way, ESS is built as a standalone search infrastructure i.e. no DCTM dependencies. It can be used in products across EMC.

Great going EMC!



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