EMC/Enterprise Search Server (ESS)

Posted by Sumeet on Jun 17, 2009 in Documentum

I’m extremely anxious to see ESS in action.  However, ESS is expected to make its debut early next year (beta testing is expected to start towards the end of 2009). It is built upon xDB with Apache Lucene as the underlying indices.

ESS will have the ability to scale both vertically and horizontally. That’s a big plus.  Single-node and multi-node installation will be supported out of the box! According to EMC, you can deploy 2 nodes in less than 20  mins.

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EMC World 2009

Posted by Sumeet on Jun 16, 2009 in Documentum

I had the privilege of speaking at the EMC World 2009 conference.  It was great fun. Met loads of experts and exchanged knowledge.  Overall the conference was good. Although the weather was not that friendly. Sessions were good and few of them overly crowed, specially of Victor’s (as always). By the way, the EMC’s appreciation party at Universal Studio was awesome. Read more…

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