You Got Empty Folders!

Posted by Sumeet on Sep 29, 2007 in Documentum

How to find empty folders in the entire docbase?

SELECT r_object_id, object_name, r_object_type, r_folder_path

FROM dm_folder f
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Moving a Docbase !

Posted by Sumeet on Sep 25, 2007 in Documentum

Hey guys, first of all… Moving a Docbase is different from Copying a Docbase.. when you move a Docbase, you need to keep the repository/docbase name, ID and owner the same. Now dm_developer site covers most of the procedure..


Following are the steps you need to cover to complete the process.. Read more…


DocApp in Docbase Vs Local File Store

Posted by Sumeet on Sep 21, 2007 in Documentum

DocApps exist only within Docbases. A DocApp archive allows you to move a DocApp from one Docbase to another.

You cannot save a complete, functional DocApp to the file system. The Open, Save, and Save As choices on the File menu enable you to save and restore changes that you are not yet ready to check in.

When you use Open to restore saved changes from a file, the system synchronizes the saved changes with the DocApp in the Docbase. This can force you to choose between changes that exist in the file and changes that someone made to the Docbase after you created the file.”
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’set storage_type’ VS ’setfile’

Posted by Sumeet on Sep 14, 2007 in Documentum

When you use “set a_storage_type” and “setfile” commands in wrong command order the following will happen:

Try the following two examples. The first works correct, the second not:


Correct behavior:
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Why Renditions don’t get FT Indexed?

Posted by Sumeet on Sep 10, 2007 in Documentum

Lets say you wish to full index the renditions of all TIFF files. In order to do so, do the following:

1. Set the TIFF Format can be indexed to false

2. Set the dm_format object ( for RTF format) attribute called format_class to ft_preferred or ft_always

iapi> retrieve,c,dm_format where name = ‘rtf’
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Webtop Performance Test w/ Tomcat

Posted by Sumeet on Sep 5, 2007 in Documentum

Login several users with one second between each login. After the 25th user, the users begin to experience poor performance, to the point where some users are receiving “Page cannot be displayed” errors and eventually the System catches up.

If you are experiencing similar behavior during your performance testing with Webtop on Tomcat, one of the reason might be with maxProcessors parameter. This needs to be set to a higher value depending on the number of users you are using.
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keyword ‘describe’

Posted by Sumeet on Sep 1, 2007 in Documentum

The Describe DQL works in both Samson and IDQL32.exe. The format of this DQL is: describe . For example, describe dm_document The output is identical to the describe API.

However, this DQL statement fails if you run it using Documentum Administrator, DTC, or Workspace. The error message received is:

“A Parser (syntax error) has occurred in the vicinity of: describe”.
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