DQL -> Updating all versions of documents

Posted by Sumeet on May 27, 2007 in Documentum

Client’s Issues:

1. I need to fire a DQL to find out how many documents under “specific” folder has naming like “00ab”
2. then I need to run some kind of check where to get all the versions of the document under specifc folder. and run a query. update them.

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Dump n Load

Posted by Sumeet on May 14, 2007 in Documentum

Article by Richard Rans of Blue Fish Development Group
December 21, 2003

Dump and load is a feature built into Documentum. It allows you to take the entire contents of your docbase, and write them out to a single file. This can be done not only for content, but for users, groups, acls, etc. The file that gets written out is in a proprietary format, so the only thing you can do with it is load it into another docbase, thus “dump and load”. However, this feature is often used for:
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Addtional Server

Posted by Sumeet on May 10, 2007 in Documentum

To create a new server:
1. If you are creating the server on a new host machine:
a. On the machine where you want to start the new server, run the portion of the Content Server installation procedure that installs the software. Follow the instructions in Content Server Installation Guide.
b. Run the Content Server configuration program.
c. Exit the Content Server configuration program when you the dialog box where the repository configuration scripts are run.
d. Install the RDBMS client/networking software on the target machine.
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