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  Sahib Singh Anand
Sarab Singh Anand
17 March 2016
son of Sumeet Anand 25 Dec 1980
son of Balbir Singh Anand 25 Sept 1951
son of Hara Singh Anand 16 June 1924
son of Chattar Singh Anand 1895
son of Vadhawa Singh Anand 1864
son of Dayal Singh Anand 1830 appx.
son of Gulab Singh Anand 1800 appx.
son of Karam Singh Anand 1770 appx.
son of Mansa Shah 1740 appx.
son of Gulab Rai Shah 1710 appx.
son of Raja Sahib 1680 appx.



The Anands are part of the Khukrain baradari or clan, which includes ten family surnames: Sahni, Sethi, Anand, Suri, Kohli, Bhasin, Chaddha, Sabharwal, Ghai and Chandhok.

Kukhrain Khatris are a regional grouping of nine subcastes of Punjabi Khatris originally from the town of Bhera in the Jech doab (Jhelum - Chenab interfluve) region of Sargodha district of Pakistani Punjab. King Porus (Puru), the famous king who battled with Alexander the Great in 326BC was a Kukhrain Khatri (Kshatriya). In keeping with Khatri traditions, Bhera was an important trading outpost on the road to Kabul, and a 'taksal' (mint) during the reign of Ranjit Singh. It declined in importance due to a shifting of the Jhelum river course, which left it away from the river bank. The Kukhrains were traditionally warriors who bore the brunt of Muslim invasions from the northwest during the 12-16th centuries.

Kukhrains are Aryan and Vedic people and have originally followed Hinduism, however a significant number adapted Sikhism during the 18th and 19th centuries. This, and also because many Hindu Kukhrain families, as well as other Khatri clans, raised at least one Sikh son during the formation of the Khalsa in 1699, resulted in Kukhrain family names, as well as other Khatri clan names, being present in both Hindu and Sikh communities worldwide.

Among the Khatris the Khukrain were one of the foremost followers of the Sikh Gurus and traditionally brought up one son as a Keshdhari Sikh. This is evident from the large number of Khukrain surnames among Khatri Sikhs .

A predominant section of the Hindu Khukrain continue to follow dual religious traditions of both Sikh as well as Arya Samaj mores. This has been in spite of the religo-political competitive zeal of both the Arya Samaj and Tat Khalsa effort at creating purified identities.

Common Kukhrain names are Anand, Bhasin, Chadha, Chandok, Ghai, Kohli, Sabbarwal, Sahni, Sethi and Suri many of whom had migrated from present Pakistan to India during partition.

Khatri family names include Anand, Awal, Badhwar, Baijal, Bagga, Bajaj, Bakshi, Batta, Bedi, Behal (Behl), Bhalla, Bhasin, Bhandari, Bhandula, Bindra, Chadha, Chandok, Charan, Chona, Chopra, Choudhary, Dhall, Dhawan, Dhingra, Dhir, Dua, Duggal, Dhupar, Dumra, Gambhir, Gandhi, Gadhiok, Ghai, Gujral, Gulati, Gulla, Handa, Jerath, Jairath, Jaggi, Jalota, Jolly, Kakkar (Kacker) ,Kapoor (Kapur), Kalra, Katyal, Keer, Khanna, Kehar, Khosla, Khullar,Kochhar, Kohli, Koshal, Lala, Lamba, Loomba, Madhok, Mahendru, Maini, Malhotra, Malik, Mankhand, Manraj, Mehra, Mehrotra, Mehta, Midha, Monga, Nair(Nayyar), Nagpal, Nayer, Nehra, Nijhawan, Nikhanj, Oberoi, Ohri, Parwanda, Passi, Phull, Phul, Phool, Puri, Rai, Rehan, Roshan, Sabharwal, Sablok, Sadana, Saggar (Sagar), Saggi, Sahni(Sawhney), Sami, Sarin(Sareen), Sarna, Sehgal (Sahgal), Sekhri, Sethi, Seth, Sial (Syal), Sibal, Sikka, Singh, Sobti, Sodhi, Sondhi, Soni, Sood(Sud), Suri, Talwar, Tandan (Tandon), Tehim, Thapar, Trehan, Uberoi, Uppal, Vadehra, Vasudeva, Ved, Verma, Vig, Vij, Vinaik, Vohra, Wadhawan, Wahi (Wahie), Walia, Wassan(Wason).

Intermarriage between Khatri as well as Khukrain Sikhs and Hindus are common. The dual religious Hindu and Sikh identity and Khukrain biradri identity comfortably coexists.

Khukrain clans Gotra and other details:
Clan Vansh Gotra Purohit Kuldevt
Anand : Suryavansh Kashyap Bijra Durga Mata
Bhasin : Suryavansh Kashyap Bijra Durga Mata
Sahni : Chandravansh Vats Vasudev Bhadarkali
Suri : Suryavansh Bhargav Panda Sesh Nag
Kohli : Chandravansh Kashyap Dutt Satyavati
Sethi : Suryavansh Palsth Soodan Vaishnoo Devi
Sabharwal : Suryavansh Hanslas Madankhamb Baba Medar

Notable Khukrains
Famous Khukrain personalities include:
* Dr.Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, who is a Kukhrain of the Kohli clan;
* Geet Sethi: Six times World Billiards Champion;
* Mulk Raj Anand: English writer, most famous for the novels "Untouchable" and "Coolie");
* Narinder Kohli: Hindi writer famous for "Abhigyan" and "Krish.Katha;"
* Bhisham Sahni: Writer, recipient of the Sahitya Academy Award and the Padmashri. His works include "Amritsar Aa Gaya" and "Tamas." Brother of Balraj Sahni.
* Balraj Sahni: Stage and film actor, brother of Bhisham Sahni.
* Dev Anand : Celebrated actor, producer and director of Bollywood films;
* Gurinder Chadha: UK-based film-maker whose oeuvre includes "Bend it like Beckham" and "Bride and Prejudice"


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